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All Fees Are Subject To Change


We reserve the right to change fees at any time, especially if the structure is different than listed or scheduled. This includes changes in square footage, guest houses, etc. We encourage you to contact us to obtain an accurate quote.

Single Family Residence

0-1000 sq ft - $645.00

​1000-2000 sq ft - $695.00

2000-2500 sq ft - $745.00

​2500-3000 sq ft - $795.00

3000+ sq ft - Call for quote

Manufactured Home - $645.00

Multi-Family & Commercial

Call for quote

Condos & Townhouses

0-1000 sq ft - $545.00

1000-2000 sq ft - $595.00

2000-2500 sq ft - $645.00

2500+ sq ft - single family rate

Additional Fees

Additional fees apply for guest houses, casitas, granny flats, and other property features.

Late Cancellation - $100.00

Slab level surveys - $200.00

Specialty Inspections

We offer a suite of speciality inspection services that can be added to our general home inspection for an additional fee. We handle all the scheduling with our network of trusted vendors. Call us for more information.

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